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eLeaP Learning Management System The eLeaP cloud-based software system creates precise, customized online training and learning courses for businesses and nonprofits of all sizes. Organizations can use existing files (i.e., Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, pictures, audio, video, SCORM, etc.), to create customized employee training courses relevant to the specific organization needs. eLeaP can create the courses for organizations as well. eLeaP learning management system personalizes the training experience so that pre-existing training courses are no longer necessary. The eLeaP LMS ultimately saves businesses time and money by increasing productivity and efficiency. The new V3 version of eLeaP features a fresh, modern design providing easy access and a streamlined interface. eLeaP LMS can be utilized through almost any mobile device. Other upgrades include: -a “help” feature for on-the-fly support -a richer end-user experience with the more engaging design -improved administrator/instructor workspace area that will yield time savings for administrators and clients -improved testing features and reporting -more intuitive course progress menus will lead to a significant increase in completion rates Visit www.eleapsoftware.com for more information.

CaptureLeave Leave Management and Vacation Tracking CaptureLeave is a powerful leave management and vacation tracking system that improves the overall efficiency of applying for and administering leaves and vacations. With CaptureLeave’s cloud-based software, human resource departments can handle leave management and vacation tracking online anytime and anywhere, resulting in reduced absenteeism and increased efficiency. Employees simply fill out vacation requests online while CaptureLeave allows administrators to approve or reject requests. Administrators can easily add employees, create groups, filter, communicate and document all employee leave and vacation decisions and communications. They also can send out email blasts, create reports and post all holidays or pre-scheduled days off for the entire year. All data is protected with high-grade encryption and automatic backup. For more information, visit www.captureleave.com.

CaptureWork Workforce Management Software facilitates the ease of is workforce management software that works. From managing leaves of absence to time and shift management as well as scheduling and moving to time clock management, CaptureWorks has the tools to save you time and money. Visit www.capturework.com

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PRM Deals Partner Relationship Management Software Designed to improve partner or channel revenues, maximize efficiency and reduce acquisition costs, PRM Deals is a SaaS cloud-software solution for large and small companies that results in increasing sales yields and profits. PRM Deals is simple, easy-to-use and customizable, increasing efficiency, reducing costs and fueling a higher percentage of conversions. Its cloud-based software protects user’s data through high-level encryption. User accounts are available 24/7, and automatic data backup in two remote locations provides ultimate security and reliability. For more information, visit www.prmdeals.com.

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  eLeaP Learning Management System The eLeaP clou...

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