We are happy to see you succeed

Posted: January 8, 2015 by Don Weobong
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Sometimes we are asked what our reason for being is. It is actually quite simple. We live to see our clients succeed. We are happiest when our clients tell us how they were able to accomplish their goals and objectives because of a little bit of help their received from us. We absolutely thrive on being a small part of positive changes that are occurring in the lives and work of our clients.


While others see business as a chance to get rich, we see it as a vehicle to give back and to help shape a better tomorrow; one client at a time, one day at a time. We don’t do this to be in the news or get noticed. In fact many of the glowing testimonials we receive never appear on our website or end up in a press releases. We feel like we have been provided a unique opportunity to contribute our little bit to making the lives of our clients and the companies and organizations they represent and work for, a little brighter. We do this by providing quality, affordable traininge-learningvacation trackingbilling and channel management software platforms. Our calling is pretty special to us and we work each day to honor this trust.

Where does this deep belief in service-above-all come from? I think this is something that happened naturally and got reinforced as our company continued to grow. Think about that for a second. When we only had a handful of clients, we were just as excited to serve them as we are now working for several hundreds of customers. The more we served, and found pleasure doing so, the more we wanted to serve. And who said there was no reward for doing business this way? The counter-intuitive result of this method of doing business is that we actually got more reward; financial and otherwise. Pretty weird huh?

Another reason we are in the ‘service business’ is because we have been raised to do exactly that. Folks that work for Telania have had some old fashioned values instilled from an early age. We believe in providing quality products for starters. We are taught to serve without asking for anything in return; to help without seeking compensation. We also know that if we were on the other end of the phone, we would like to be treated with some common decency and thoughtfulness. Lastly, we understand that customers have choices and by selecting us to provide their service, they have placed a unique trust in us; we want to be worthy of that trust.

We are not perfect; far from it. However when we come at an issue or challenge with humility and persistent service, we end up learning or creating new ways of solving vexing problems. Even our failures are minimized and mildly tolerable because we don’t engage in pretentious BS. You see, we have found out that when you come across as a know-it-all, your inevitable fall becomes even more pronounced and public. While we are humble, we insist on doing the right things for the right reasons. We refuse to cut corners and we re-invest in our company. We are not venture capital funded and we like it that way because we work for who really matters; you.

So the next time, you call and are pleasantly surprised at the level and quality of service you receive, know this; that is the least we do. Our exclusive service is exclusive to everyone. I am sorry if you don’t feel too special however you are because you are exclusive to us.

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