Because referrals are still the best

Posted: January 8, 2015 by Don Weobong
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As  business owner, I am always on the hunt for better lead sources for our products: eLeaP, Azimio,CaptureLeave. No matter how much SEO or SEM you do. No matter how great your LinkedIn profile is or how buzz worthy your Facebook or Twitter accounts are, nothing beats old fashioned referral leads to grow your business.


Now before my non-profit friends go asking for my head …. I am talking about all businesses; profit and non-profit. Think about the whole social media craze — essentially it is old fashioned referrals on steroids. However the problem with using this approach is that it is very unorganized and there’s really no easy way to manage your referrals or your partners. We have had our share of trying to rig tools together to manage partners; all to no avail. So we did the next best thing; started researching online for providers in the Partner Relationship Management (PRM) or Channel Relationship Management (CRM) industry. Unfortunately what I found was fragmentation, bad customer service and overpriced solutions that were as convoluted as they were unworkable for our needs. We needed simplicity, scalability and cost effectiveness. We were looking for PRM vendors who cared enough to respond to our emails on pricing or setting up free trials or even demos. We did not get any response. Incredible isn’t it? So we did the next, next best thing: We built our own. I know “but Don????” Well one thing I can’t stand is being put into a box. If what we need is not readily available and our team can develop a better system, and if it is financially viable, then we go ahead and we build it. So we built PRMDeals. Why PRMDeals? We took a name which will be recognizable and also keyword rich: PRM + Deals (referrals). We are excited about PRMDeals. It is smooth, easy to work and above all highly effective. Your sales team, your partners and your whole organization can now have one centralized partner portal to manage deals or referrals effectively and efficiently. Above all, you too can enjoy this product. You get world-class customer service, very low pricing and two full months of a free account. This is literally unprecedented in this industry. If you find a better deal, I will match or exceed it. So enough talk, go to and create a free account today. Believe me…. there’s a whole lot I could not mention in this article so go find out how PRMDeals will turbo charge your sales and revenues. Again if you find a better deal anywhere, I will match or surpass it. Check out PRMDeals! Best, Don

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